Hello and welcome!

If you've landed on this page, you're probably an AirBnB host that I've messaged! What you'll find here is a small collection of some of the real estate shots I've done in the past year. Above you'll see shots from all over the world, as close by as Charleston, SC and as far off as Masindi, Uganda. My portfolio includes mansions, bed and breakfasts, huts, and simple apartments. I travel the world working for adventure companies, shooting love and weddings, and working with orphanages, providing them all with photography services.

I'll simply highlight the best points of your space, properly light it to make it look it's best, and edit it in such a way that makes it look bright, spacious, and natural. As you probably already know, excellent photos are extremely important to selling your space to potential guests. 

You should expect clean, bright, and professional photos of each room. Some rooms, larger rooms or more detailed rooms, will require multiple photos. If your listing is in a particularly advantageous location, you should also expect some street photos, and maybe a photo of the local pub or coffee shop, from outside. Anything that helps highlight why your place is special! 

My work has been featured in magazines and website alike! Previous AirBnB hosts have raved about the photos. Feel free to explore the rest of my site, which is mostly full of my wedding work. Also, feel free to drop me a line and ask any question you like!