Stephen Atohi is a film photographer based in the Southeastern United States. You can find his photography work featured all over the web and in magazines such as Ruffled, Magnolia Rouge, Style Me Pretty, Grey Likes, The Wedding Row, Carats & Cake, The White Wren, Charleston Wedding Magazine, and many more. Those who have worked with him describe his style as intimate, raw, and joyful. Stephen takes pride in a natural and photojournalistic style that focuses on capturing a kaleidoscope of emotions from throughout the wedding day. He sees his role on a wedding day as someone who gives an artistic interpretation of the story that's unfolding in front of him.

    On most days, you can find him with his wife enjoying food and culture in the streets, at craft beer breweries around town, or traveling the world together. For 2019, Stephen has trips planned to Cuba, Chattanooga, Alaska, New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Atlanta, and more!

    I believe every single wedding is truly unique because I believe every single couple is unique. I'm most passionate about telling your story in an artistic way that captures you and your loved ones’ individual personalities. As a husband myself, I know the value of wedding images that truly capture YOUR personality in a unique way.

the best photos often come from the moments between…


My style is achieved predominantly with film photography. Ever since I shot my first roll of film, I absolutely fell in love. There's a certain color palette and richness that you simply can't achieve any other way. There’s a certain natural nostalgia and timelessness created by the traditional format. The medium itself is far more focused and allows me to capture the most authentic and rich moments without the fuss of technology while still using a far more artistic approach overall.

    I love to tell my clients that my "posing style" can best be described as "unposed." Most of my direction will just be me putting you in a position that would naturally find yourselves in when you're together in your kitchen, on your porch, or in your living room. I believe strongly that asking couples to do what comes naturally is the only way to achieve a genuine final product that properly reflects a couple. I prefer this simplistic approach so that we can instead focus on being comfortable with ourselves and let our personalities shine through..

    Complete wedding collections start around $5000 and include two photographers, an engagement package, and 8 hours of shooting time. For a more specific quote, please contact me. I’m happy to tailor a custom package specific to your needs. I love meeting new people; so I'm happy to chat over the phone, email, or meet up for coffee or craft beer to chat about your big day!

Custom Wooden Photo Box

Custom Wooden Photo Box

Handmade Leather Wedding Album

Handmade Leather Wedding Album

Some fun things about me!

- I LOVE to travel! -

- I have an obsession with the sport of ultimate frisbee -

- If left to my own devices, I would spend most of my time reading sci-fi books -

- Related topic... I own more Star Wars t-shirts than non Star Wars t-shirts (7!) -

- I keep a list of my favorite breweries around town on my phone for conversational purposes -

- I believe real men wear florals -


Some fun things about you!

- You love to be adventurous and try new things! -

- You and your fiancé are madly in love and you can't hide it (but why would you...) -

- Instead of formalities, your wedding is about doing what represents you and your partner's relationship -

- You think film photography is super cool -

- You're NOT looking for your wedding day to turn into a photoshoot -

- You believe the outdoors is the perfect location! -


Is that spot on? You should totally contact me. It would be awesome to meet such a cool couple such as yourselves!


Be sure to follow Stephen on instagram: @stephenatohi

Portraits by Anne Rhett Photography & Julie Alimpich